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Yep! We took a very long 2-state cross-country grave-decorating trip (it is important for kids to know where they come from don’t cha think?)–While out we picked up a COW!!  (We were in the neighboorhood after all) 😀

We had a vet examine Penny cow last week and it turned out she was not pregnant after all so the people we bought her from offered us a pretty little heifer to bottle feed at a very reduced price.  They are only a couple of hours from  where we were going to decorate my father, and grandfather’s graves and  agreeed to meet about half-way.  Another big advantage of a small breed of cow! (they fit in a dog-carrier INSIDE your vehicle-just rearrange a few kids and viola!

So I am pleased to introduce to you the newest Dandelionender… (ironically the great-great grand-daughter of Penny-cow!)  Dolly! (she is also a registered Dexter-but we may breed to a jersey –(too much info??))

looks good in red huh?–take a look at the lashes!

Here’s me with both my bottle-babies 😉 ain’t they sweeeet??


I really have been busy around here–I feel like I should prove it by letting you all know what’s been going on at good ol’ dandelionend!

I was away over a weekend for an anniversary trip with my man of (now) 19 years!! He knocked my socks off with his gift!–He gave me a heart-cut diamond double the size of my engagement ring because he loves me that much more–I cried-he cried it was wonderfuuuul!

I want to post pics of my quilt blocks from my class in 30’s feedsack quilting and pics of our TEN new kittens-later (i SAID I was busy!) I also have a tag to deal with–they are so much fun but I am swamped right now!–Late June looks good though-after the whole garden is in! I have some poetry to post and a rant or 2 stewin away also..for now…

Here’s these things–biggest is I stepped up on the Prov 31 scale (the ideal wife worth above rubies yadda yadda..)–I do strive for that even while laughing-I HAVE to laugh since it is a big job!! Anyway…..I considered a field!! Yep!–considered and bought and now it is planted a field–that was one I never even thought I could do-I did other money-makers here and there but saying “she considered raising guinea pigs” or “she considered Tupperware” did not match up to the FIELD!! I researched pasture mixes, I rented a no-till seed drill–I picked it up and drove it home (12 ft wide I might add)–OK-I did freak a little but hardly anybody noticed! wanna see? Here is Scott in the borrowed tractor pulling the drill from Prairie Wild Enterprises planting a lovely pasture mix for our Penny and her progeny–something about a man in a tractor isn’t there??!>

The goslings are growing so quickly!!first trip outside (last month)

now they are BIG and starting to show their

pretty feathers!

Anner also grows and gets more and more creative–I found a cake plate on a garage sale for a lady at church who makes astounding yummy and pretty cakes-(her blog-even tho no cake on it yet) set it on my island and did that thing no mother of a 14 month old should

do–I turned my back!–the result?.. Don’t even TRY to tell me you wouldn’t have run for the camera first too!!

other news? Laurel fixed the roof of the “goose house” and checked her new bee hive –EGGS!! it has started well!!

She should be posting an update on her blog eventually–she’s busy too!

right now we ALL mostly feel…

I KNOW!!..We should just get us all some good ear-warmers-it’l hep us sleep…

When planting is complete and I can focus on preserving I will update you on how well I am doing in my first year of trying to produce enough food for our entire family! i will post my Amish-made canner when it arrives too!!

Thanks for your patience blog friends! I haven’t even photoed the new fruit trees as they bloom or the sweet carniolan bees as they pollinate all over the place! (I DO have a pic of the first dannyfowler but I will spare you that one!

See ya long ’bout June(ish)–Good LORD willin’ creek notwithstandin’!


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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