Anyone ever had a best friend move away when you were in school? Remember that sadness? Imagine now that instead of friend it is your cyber-twin! The person you write long (witty) e-mails to and then think “rats! I should have said THAT…” only to get a return e-mail that says exactly THAT. Now imagine this person also has the same number of children, the same commitment to them and hubby, a different faith but with the same resonance and in the same God-with identical views on the nature and sovreignty of HIM. The person you can phone but only at night after the kids are in bed because you talk too long otherwise. You share pain and you share joy. You laugh and laugh-she is so very funny-that there is another person with your starnge sense of humor is amazing in and of itseelf. She is some sort of freaky Spelling Savant and you leave errers for her to find just because it makes her feel gooooood to do so! She is on your bog surfer so every new poem or funny pic is yours to see as soon as it is posted. THEN SHE UP AND MOVES TO BLOGSPOT!! The p.a.i.n. Where O where has my A Broadermark gone? Oh yeah-to that neighborhood on the other side of the cyber tracks. Can we maintain an even longer distance twinship? Does this post make me the new psyco friend everyone tries to lose? I should right a dark,sad poem but every time I try I end up snickering-she would understand that if she were still here!!