Does anyone know where I can get a deal on a clue (or probably a bagful of them)?  Submitted as proof of need the following:

Oldest daughter goes outside to start the truck so it can warm up before a shopping excursion.  There is slushy snow on the windshield.  She reaches inside, turns on the wipers and gets a face full of the wet stuff!

Next daughter is reading “A Wrinkle In Time”-she says it is nothing like the other version she remembers reading awhile back (???)–you know-the one where the guy goes up the mountain and falls asleep for a really long time?

Oldest son was spotted standing in the center of the ditch standing INSIDE a toy dumptruck surrounded by 2 ft of water on all sides-trying to figure out how to get out AND stay dry.

Of course from the small ones come frequent things like:

“Slug Bug!-no take a baf!”

“Does Mrs.Sippy live by Mrs. Paulson?”

“Can I have a drink of minnie soda?” (minnesota)

“If I wear my boots my feet don’t get cold in the snow!”—HEY! WAIT!!  That IS a clue!  He found one someplace!  Now to just track it down!!

HOPE!  I found it! (said the woman who once thinned out the little hard green apples on the tree by shaking the limb from underneath!  😳