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WE DID IT!! We tried the Vegimite!

First-I must say that it has a smell like a fermented something–(worchestershire, peanut sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce–not at all like these things-just intense like these things are intense and uumm focused? in flavour?) pics you ask?? jest hap’n to have sum! ๐Ÿ˜‰

OK–one more–

AAAWWW…Mama’s little Aussie loves his Vegimite!

The overall verdict?? Everyone ate their entire serving-5 of us had seconds! It is a unique savory flavour I have never had anywhere else-tasty! I could not help but wonder how it would be with a thick ,juicy, deep red ,tomato slice on top this summer -heresy I am sure! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ We did place the smell though! It is kind of like high-end dog food–really!–checked the label (on the dry kibble)–there is yeast sprayed on it and Vegimite is a yeast extract! It tasted better before we placed the smell ๐Ÿ˜€ It IS good-really!


Ahem… these are Cracker Jacks! without the prize! I built up the name too much in my head-caramel corn cannot live up to THAT name! (Cracker Jacks have a bit more of that browned sugar taste–homemade caramel corn beats them both!)

The “score”: Vegimite–worth the hubub about it

LGBB– good but …

Darrell Lea licorice–GIMMEE MORE!!

AND THIS….. You know you are a homesteader when your man brings you THIS instead of flowers after being on the road for a few days! (and you love it!)

It’s a pole saw!ย  Think electric chainsaw on a big stick–great for my orchard and grove!ย  Plus it is lightweight and electric like my little chainsaw (I don’t do so great with little gas engines-I like the plug-n-go vacuum cleaner kind of operation ๐Ÿ˜€ )ย  AIN’T HE A SWEETIE???ย  REALLY?? SHUCKS!

I don’t even know where to start!! This box is soooo amazing! We thought of stuff and crammed it in willy-nilly–we received a box carefully planned and well thought out-with presents in beautiful paper for each member of our family!! (Yes!! Beyond Bluestockings knew AND correctly spelled all names AND selected Australian age-appropriate lovely gifts for each of us!)

Here are some pics!

Obviously they have some big problems with wild animals in Australia-you can tell by the ginourmous amounts of protective tape on the package (or is it hugantic?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

See how much fun we had?? In the box now?–that is all packing material form the things we unwrapped–it would take an army of Koalas and Tazmanian Devils to get to and harm our well-protected treasures! Here’s a closer look at the goodies..

See that stripey bag in the top corner? Darrell Lea original soft eating Liquorice! YOWSA!! is that yummy stuff! Worth the price of plane fare to go get some more right there!!–We chowed the entire bag before we opened the next hermetically sealed pouch from the box (the rest of the food goodies are still waiting) The bag has a funny funny saying on the bottom too… “To maintain ultimate freshness, please keep in this special bag. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† As if there would be any left! tooo funny! This is so tasty PLUS it has a lovely soft texture-totally unlike the rubbery licorice we have here! The yellow bag up there? It says… Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs!! Whoa Nellie-can’t wait to try that one!!

There is money (even a plastic $5.00 note!) and tourist literature and books and activity books and traditional games and puzzels-lovely flower pictures on a precious hankie and linen.

And…something I have always been so very curious about—Vegimite—can’t wait to try it! I have butter for my toast but don’t know what kind of bread to use! A fluffy soft white bread? a thick, hearty wheat bread? Something with nuts and granola? I want to get it right! Also-lightly toasted or dark and very crisp? I assume the butter should melt in before smearing on the Vegimite? It’s a pretty unassuming jar for such a cult following!

We have lots more to explore and a Cd full of pictures to pore over! The seashells were very exotic-looked inside out kind of! My present? A lovely cheeseboard with a shell platypus on it-made from camphor laurel wood–wish you could smell it AAHHH-beautiful in so many ways!

OH! she even added some tatoos! (do they know boys or what?)

Friends…you need to do this!!!ย  We had so much fun making their box and waiting for ours and and and (insert rave here)–Things we learned both about our country and theirs were so much more alive and very real!ย  –And history etc is always more fun if you can eat too!

Thank you so much for sharing your country with us Beyond Bluestockings!!

My box came today!! I had to sign for it so you KNOW it’s good! Here’s what’s been going on…Our family did a “shoebox” exchange with another family that homeschools also (in waaay far away and highly foreign Australia!) Beyond Bluestockingsย 

I am going to wait until the railroad man gets home tonight before we open this treasure from lands far away–I may well go insane in the meantime! It is heavy-it has many stickers-it looks so very exotic and the customs slip is so very very very highly VAGUE as to the contents. Also–if this shoebox is any indication….my new friends have very very large feet! ๐Ÿ˜†

Plus this—I call it “The Sentinal ” (it’s really just Ollie on top of the well-house at sunrise)

Does anyone know where I can get a deal on a clue (or probably a bagful of them)?ย  Submitted as proof of need the following:

Oldest daughter goes outside to start the truck so it can warm up before a shopping excursion.ย  There is slushy snow on the windshield.ย  She reaches inside, turns on the wipers and gets a face full of the wet stuff!

Next daughter is reading “A Wrinkle In Time”-she says it is nothing like the other version she remembers reading awhile back (???)–you know-the one where the guy goes up the mountain and falls asleep for a really long time?

Oldest son was spotted standing in the center of the ditch standing INSIDE a toy dumptruck surrounded by 2 ft of water on all sides-trying to figure out how to get out AND stay dry.

Of course from the small ones come frequent things like:

“Slug Bug!-no take a baf!”

“Does Mrs.Sippy live by Mrs. Paulson?”

“Can I have a drink of minnie soda?” (minnesota)

“If I wear my boots my feet don’t get cold in the snow!”—HEY! WAIT!!ย  That IS a clue!ย  He found one someplace!ย  Now to just track it down!!

HOPE!ย  I found it! (said the woman who once thinned out the little hard green apples on the tree by shaking the limb from underneath!ย  ๐Ÿ˜ณ

I think the garden is planned! There is a very strong possibility that I have a vague idea of what will go where in a general sense! The plot is chosen-and the pumpkin patch now includes winter squash(3 kinds),indian corn (4 kinds) and sunflowers(lots of em)-oh and pumpkins!-big,small,red-veined,orange,white and gourds gourds gourds!

hhmmm…thats the green beans, peas, carrots, and summer bush squashes-plus cukes and melons–hard to tell one seed pkt pic from another in the little thumbnail size!–you can imagine pumpkin seeds-yes? Seed companies take all the goo off for us before we plant ๐Ÿ˜€

Have more seed pics but I am boring myself with them so I will spare you! but do check this out!!

Can you tell what it is?? NO–we are not preparing to shoot our boys off in a cannon!ย  ( I SO know how you people ( both of you) think!) It is a waaaay cool compost bin! We put our grass clippings and kitchen scraps (a few anyway-the chickabiddies get most) in and roll it around the yard every week or so and out comes lovely black gold for the garden! I can also add some WORMS if I want to speed things up and get some of that plant aphrodesiac–wormpoop–added in (Ok-castings-poop is poop tho!) Ever since we bought this beauty (that I have yet to take outside!-can’t fill it till it’s warm anyway) I have had the jingle “red wigglerrrrrs the cadilac of worrrms–the cadilac of worms–the cadilac of worms” running through my head!–It literally took me 3 days to remember where it came from!! Do you? (I mean w/o cheating-NO wicci or google allowed!) So do ya? โ“

How “bout the “I’m playin’ with my cell phone” shot? Will that do better?


Or I could go with “I’m playin’ with my cell phone” take 2ย  “how close can I go?” 001.jpg

Do be kind friends! (meaning LIE PLEASE!)

The one the only….dandelionmom!! ๐Ÿ™‚ keeper of dandelionfluff (x8) AKA mommywheresmy, mommycanI, mmooooooooomyyyyyy, Thing1, Sharon, Sharri, Sharribaby,mychickadeee, missmiss,and-thelightsgreenalreadymovethatbigthingoutahere!

Caught my best side dontcha think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here it is… For all of you who want to be able to point to one Dandelionender and say with firm conviction that you know which one he is–HERE YOU GO!!

DANDELIONEND 101 now in session:

Laurel-firstborn-keeper of rules-AKA Punkin Pie, Punkin, Pie, Supersis, Mommy’s brain

Lily-second in line-keeper of pets-AKA Jeanie, Jellie Bean, Beanie and Beanhead

Linden-“heir”-keeper of dimples-AKA Mac,Windy,Lucky Linder

Leif-“spare”-keeper of chickens AKA Leifer

Leighton-5th born-keeper of temper (finally–YES!) AKA Joy

Lincoln-6th born-keeper of small things in bags,boxes and assorted larger things-AKA Stone, Linky, Ink

013.jpgLogan-7th stairstepper-keeper of toy tractors (and don’t DARE try to take ’em!)-AKA ogan,lowg,(I know the pic is weird-sized but it’s my fav of him!)

LeAnder-final edition-keeper of mamas heart-AKA nono,Anner,Anner-bo,Bo, Bo-bo,baby

Feel free to print this out for easier study–quiz to follow!!

Thanks to T.M. for the thought that led to this idea ๐Ÿ˜€