Yes, once again I shamelessly turn to other blogs for ideas for filler in mine! I see lots of cool decorating ideas out there and I want to be part of it! I think it is part of my job to make the house warm and welcoming; beautiful and comfortable; (ok) and at least cleanISH! With all the efforts at beautification I have put forth-exactly 2 have garnered compliments–I feel safe in sharing these πŸ˜‰

These are my kitchen curtains (I have the same in the utility room) They are all different and actual old aprons-I can enjoy the beautiful handiwork everyday-they are light enough to keep the room airy and so cheerful and happy πŸ˜• (I hate sounding so cutie–but there you go!)

and this is no big deal really but I have some really neat antique floral prints in my dining room that I hung ribbon to–noone noticed my nifty old prints until I put up that silly ribbon! I have to admit– a certain JunES-HAYkwaw? I has it πŸ˜†

sooo watcha think??