Well… planned anyway!  This spring we will be digging holes! Lotsa holes-big holes, little holes, medium holes–holes holes holes!!  Boys love holes–moms love putting things in holes and hoping they will grow! A win win!! 😆

I did an orchard order today….

this spring-at the right time for planting in my area the all-knowing folks at Stark’s will be sending me the following…. (via my best friend the UPS man!)

1 Honeycrisp apple tree

1 wolf river apple tree (this one is a heritage tree with huge yellow “sauce” apples-early)

2 crabapples -to help pollinate the others AND feed the bees AND pickle

2 plum trees to hopefully seduce the one here into production and add to it with their plummy goodness!

black raspberries-because they looked exactly like my favorite berries on the farm I grew up on-there was 1 bush put there by a bird-I would not let anyone else have those berries (6 at a time!)

blackberries -because they had some north-tolerant ones and my dad’s house had the most incredible huge blackberries! (planted by a bird too)

and an experiment-blueberries!  I know they need acid soil but there have been some big pines in our front yard for 90+years and one of them is a Tamarack-it sheds it’s needles so I thought we could mulch with those to up the acid too–while I was at it-I added a cranberry bush to the blueberry experiment-what’s another hole between friends??

for kicks? a columnar crabapple!–it grows like a phone pole (hence the name 😛 )–I want a pretty little flower bed across the side yard to look at from my kitchen window–the clothesline pole is all that is there right now i thought this beauty would spruce it up a bunch!

I feel so green-thumby!!  Theres holes waitin to happen unner that thar snow!!