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Yes, once again I shamelessly turn to other blogs for ideas for filler in mine! I see lots of cool decorating ideas out there and I want to be part of it! I think it is part of my job to make the house warm and welcoming; beautiful and comfortable; (ok) and at least cleanISH! With all the efforts at beautification I have put forth-exactly 2 have garnered compliments–I feel safe in sharing these πŸ˜‰

These are my kitchen curtains (I have the same in the utility room) They are all different and actual old aprons-I can enjoy the beautiful handiwork everyday-they are light enough to keep the room airy and so cheerful and happy πŸ˜• (I hate sounding so cutie–but there you go!)

and this is no big deal really but I have some really neat antique floral prints in my dining room that I hung ribbon to–noone noticed my nifty old prints until I put up that silly ribbon! I have to admit– a certain JunES-HAYkwaw? I has it πŸ˜†

sooo watcha think??



I have my very first REAL ping!! By REAL I mean that someone read my blog-LIKED it and pinged it!! 😯 My hubby pinged the picture of our cow once-but that was just because he was too lazy to download it himself–and I got a few for that tag nonsense I had too much fun with but this ones for REAL!!–Granted I did not personally write the poem that got pinged–but I did find it, enjoy it, and share it! I not only agree with what it says but I am drawn to the passion with which he speaks! The fervency and devotion expressed shows a full heart-a wholehearted desire to serve God and to drink in everything about Him.

Anyhoo…I am so glad that it was not my lame jokes or kooky lopsided posts that got the first ping-but one of my attempts to add in some true value and reverent reflection! Thanks for the ping Thing1! Can I call you Pingthing??

You all want to see it?? Do ya?? Huh huh?? Pingthing’s blog is Β .

Check it out!!!

What good is having a cybertwin if you can’t poach post ideas?? Thanks Thing1!!

Instead of flowers or candy this year my man gave me a chicken!! I really like my chicken-her name is Dumplin’ πŸ™‚

She fits right in my kitchen–see how she can nest in my artful clutter?

Glory be to God for dappled things–

For skies of couple-color as a brinded cow;

For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;

Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings;

Landscape plotted and pieced–fold, fallow, and plow;

And all trades, their gear and tackle and trim.

All things counter, original, spare, strange;

Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)

With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim;

He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:

Praise Him.


Gerard Manley Hopkins

Trapped between the doors…It slides with the door no matter which way or which door we slide!! 😑

Well… planned anyway!Β  This spring we will be digging holes! Lotsa holes-big holes, little holes, medium holes–holes holes holes!!Β  Boys love holes–moms love putting things in holes and hoping they will grow! A win win!! πŸ˜†

I did an orchard order today….

this spring-at the right time for planting in my area the all-knowing folks at Stark’s will be sending me the following…. (via my best friend the UPS man!)

1 Honeycrisp apple tree

1 wolf river apple tree (this one is a heritage tree with huge yellow “sauce” apples-early)

2 crabapples -to help pollinate the others AND feed the bees AND pickle

2 plum trees to hopefully seduce the one here into production and add to it with their plummy goodness!

black raspberries-because they looked exactly like my favorite berries on the farm I grew up on-there was 1 bush put there by a bird-I would not let anyone else have those berries (6 at a time!)

blackberries -because they had some north-tolerant ones and my dad’s house had the most incredible huge blackberries! (planted by a bird too)

and an experiment-blueberries!Β  I know they need acid soil but there have been some big pines in our front yard for 90+years and one of them is a Tamarack-it sheds it’s needles so I thought we could mulch with those to up the acid too–while I was at it-I added a cranberry bush to the blueberry experiment-what’s another hole between friends??

for kicks? a columnar crabapple!–it grows like a phone pole (hence the name πŸ˜› )–I want a pretty little flower bed across the side yard to look at from my kitchen window–the clothesline pole is all that is there right now i thought this beauty would spruce it up a bunch!

I feel so green-thumby!!Β  Theres holes waitin to happen unner that thar snow!!

If it is not obvious by this picture–Leighton got his own little hammer!! Yes-he is sleeping with his toolbox. What is it about men and new tools? I have always teased the head Dandelion that I always know where to find his favorite tool-under the pillow! I just don’t get it-you know? It’s not like they are books or chocolate ! πŸ™„

Just a bit of news… all the great homesteading blogs that I lurk about are making really cool seed lists and posting garden diagrams. I feel so left out! I grabbed a handful of seed packets at the farm store the other day and I am building a shelf-thinger out of pvc pipe to hold seed starting trays with grow lights above them. Not a seed to start in sight! As always I have more catalogues and dreams than space or budget. This year the space is not the issue (I can make my garden as big as I want–HA!) it is a maintainence issue-how much can we (mom plus army of 8) harvest and take care of without losing some to waste? My “plans” so far?…

THANKS for aksin’ πŸ˜‰

I have Dorking chickens ordered–these are a heritage breed that Ceasar wrote about-how cool is that? They are on the large side with absurd little short legs-the meat is supposed to be very finely grained. We will be eating most of the roosters and keeping the hens and a couple of roosters for eggs and next years new bird supply.

For fun I threw in some frizzle feathered full-sized birds to add interest to my hen flock–gotta be uniqueUknow!

I will do an entire tiny baby chick layout when they come–gotta up my cute factor for STATS you know!

We also have Sebastopol geese ordered–we will be raising these for the resale market as pets and novelty farm mascots I guess. I still can’t link so just google ’em–very cool–like fairy tale geese!

I am planning on a pumpkin patch and indian corn and gourds as well–hopefully to sell-and the chickens really like smashed pumpkins!

For the “orchard” I want to add 2 Honeycrisp apple trees and maybe a plum this year -that will increase our orchard to 4 apples (2 half-dead and 2 too young to produce)and 2 plums (1 of each)–We will also be cutting the growth away from the overgrown trees we have to let them find sunshine again and see what they can become!

There is a row of flowering crabapples behind the garage that I want to add to as well (mostly for the bees’ sake but I want the bigger ones that make good jelly-not more of the itty bitter ones!)

Asparagus and raspberries are on my maybe list-to do this year if I find a great deal or to wait a year while we do other things!

My biggest hope is a pasture! We are discussing the purchase of a small section of land next to our property that we could plant in pasture grass to both graze our cattle (2 this summer God-willing)and fence off part to hay (by hand for the experience 😯 )

I also want to insulate a little room in the basement for a cool root cellar to keep some pumpkins and winter squash and well…roots in-both for us and stock feed.

I always dream of getting dirty when we are knee-deep in snow! The siren song of the seed catalogue is one few of us can resist!! It is all potential and promises and plans. The pile of seed when the hoe is in your hand looks more like work and labor and bug bites and muscle rubs! BOY OH BOY am I ready!!!

Care to cum git durty wit me ? Free ice tea when we finish–OH!–and my bubbly personality fer cumpny!! 😯

πŸ˜† I just told Lincoln that the washing machine was tired and ready for a nap so he should go lay down by it to help it go to sleep! HE DID!!

We are all glad the head Dandelion is home from Railroad school-it was a loooong 2 weeks! The hats are very cool too-check out our cute railroad selves!!

We are all glad to have him back-just want to grabhimnhughimlotsnlots!!


That’s right baby! I “made it”! I AM pop-U-lar!! (or mommymommyland needed to tag someone really really bad)–Nope! I’s goin’ with popular! She is ONE trendee mama let me tell U–Proud new owner of a THREE seater outhouse–so I KNOW I’ve made it in this blog world tot-A-leee!!–OK-first the rules:

  • Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
  • Post the rules on your blog.
  • Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
  • Tag 7 people and link to them.
  • Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

2 down–3 left!!

My seven things…hhmmmm

1. When I was pregnant I looved eating Doritos dipped in lime sherbet.

2. I can’t stand the sound of fingernails being clipped.

3. My ACT score was 32–3 points higher than the “smart one” in the family. That army test they give you that shows your aptitudes? I should have been a heavy equipment operator (well–these kids ARE kind of beefy!)

4. If you have a front-wheel drive car-you can do really cool backwards donuts in an icy parking lot—uuummm so I’ve heard.

5.I collect depression glass-and find it anything BUT (depressing that is!)

6.I think beards are sexy. very.

7. I used to be pretty odd till I got popular (today)!-actually I have a really awesome cybertwin (her name is Thing ONE) and if she is so cool I must be too-by assosiation alone (she can spel better ‘en me 2!)

Now…who to tag….YOU are it!

1. abroadermark

2.beyond bluestockings






I am looking forward to learning new things about you luuucky taggees!! And do check out mommymommyland their coming adventure has me on the edge of my seat!! (ahem…so to speak!)