Well… we named her! Her name is Penelope-we will call her Penny. My little Logan looks at her and calls her “moneys”-that cuteness clinched the name for me!

Mrs. Bultitude is having an adjustment time-she is not the biggest animal on the farm any longer! Penny pushes her out of her grain pile (as if a Newf needs grain anyway) and kicked once when she got into her personal space. Watching a very small cow and a very large dog jockey for “lead mare” position kills me!

Another funny?  The people who sold her to us said she loves alfalfa cubes as a treat–I gave her some “calf manna” pellets (these have molasses and anise and smell good enough for ME to eat) after the manna she refuses the alfalfa cubes!–spits em out with a toss of her pretty little head!  Our cow is a Diva!!

OK–I know this is interesting only to me but I am just so tickled to finally have a cow I have to share! It has been a long circuitous route to get here and we are all the better for it–praise HIM from whom all blessings flow!