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Lincoln (3) and Logan (2) were discussing things this morning beside my bed.

Lincoln: “The Doctor got Logan out of your tummy. ”

Logan: with angry look (at being deceived yet again by his brother HHMPH) pointed the finger of accusation at him and pronounced FIRMLY “NO! she wul… NOT…EAT … ME!”

wul DUH! 😛


YES! dandelionmom does it again! What do you mean WHAT?? macrophotography of course!! I call it… Dr Seuss legs…feel free to link to this ….this…ummm….dare I say it without looking too prideful??…YES! This…ART–You are all very welcome I am sure.

Ever hear of the way they trap monkeys by putting something really shiny or yummy inside a log through a little hole? The monkey can put his hand in and grab the prize but can’t get his full hand back out and will NOT let go. Here we have the clueless version!!

Poor Lincoln! To be saddled with a mommy who takes pictures in lieu of solving problems!!

Well….. 2 out of 3 of them anyway!!! 😆 😀 goodbye Parsley and Herschell!

A pile of cast-off snow gear?  Look closely…

A boy set down inside the door after being “unloaded” from the van while sleeping.  They naturally seek out the place to sleep where they will be unnoticed and undisturbed-(or sleep where they land 😆 )

WHHOOOOOWWHHEEEEE!!!! 😀 look what I can do ❗ ❗ ❗ Now I can be as trendy and “with it” as all the smart bloggers 8) I have learned a new trick ❗ I know some of you are going 🙄 but I am 😮 with myself ❗ What an 💡 😯 😯 😯 I plan on making my posts and comments positively polka dotted just to prove my coolness 8) after all… the more you use something; the more it looks like second nature and as if you could always do it 😀 Thanks so much momlovesstayingathome 🙂 I think you may have created a monster 😈 ❗ ❗ SEE YA!!! 😕

Introducing LeAnder the marvelous…

watch carefully and be amaaazed…..

As he pulls one from the box-another magically appears! He never runs out!!

Ever miss the wonder that new discoveries brings now that you are “mature” and “know better”? GOD never loses that ability to amaze and astound–and HE never disappoints (like that box eventually will) COOL AYE??? Who else but Dandelionmom can give you a life lesson from a box of Kleenex??Anner the magnificent has left the building…..

Leifer can WINK!!!

This is NOT a motion shot-he held this a long time while the camera kept zooming in too close to get the whole thing!  I am a proud mama! I also laughed my head off when he over balanced and bonked his nose on the counter-thats ma boy!

Enough of cows and kids etc for a bit–a friend shared this with me before Christmas and I keep going back–been too long since I really read Faber and while the venerable T. Geisle has his place I need to balance him with more reading “of substance”—so enjoy!….


Desire of God


Oh for freedom, for freedom in worshipping God,

For the mountain-top feeling of generous souls,

For the health, for the air, of the hearts deep and broad,

Where grace not in rills but in cataracts rolls!


Most good is the brisk wholesome service of fear,

And the calm wise obedience of conscience is sweet;

And good are all worships, all loyalties dear,

All promptitudes fitting, all services meet.


But none honours God like the thirst of desire,

Nor possesses the heart so completely with Him;

For it burns the world out with the swift ease of fire,

And fills life with good works till it runs o’er the brim.


Then pray for desire, for love’s wistfullest yearning,

For the beautiful pining of holy desire;

Yes, pray for a soul that is ceaselessly burning,

With the soft fragrant flames of this thrice happy fire.


For the heart only dwells, truly dwells with its treasure,

And the languor of love captive hearts can unfetter;

And they who love God cannot love Him by measure,

For their love is but hunger to love Him still better.


Is it hard to serve God, timid soul? Hast thou found

Gloomy forests, dark glens, mountain-tops on thy way?

All the hard would be easy, all the tangles unwound,

Wouldst thou only desire, as well as obey.


For the lack of desire is the ill of all ills;

Many thousands throughout it the dark pathway have trod,

The balsam, the wine of predestinate wills

Is a jubilant pining and longing for God.


‘Tis a fire that will burn what thou canst not pass over;

‘Tis a lightning that breaks away all bars to love;

‘Tis a sunbeam the secrets of God to discover;

‘Tis the wing David prayed for, the wing of the Dove.


I have seen living men-and their good angels know

How they failed and fell short through the want of desire;

Souls once almost saints have descended so low,

‘Twill be much if their wings bear them over the fire,


I have seen dying men not so grand in their dying

As our love would have wished,-and through lack of desire:

Oh that we may die languishing, burning, and sighing;

For God’s last grace and best is to die all on fire.


‘Tis a great gift of God to live after our Lord,

Yet the old Hebrew times they were ages of fire.

When fainting souls fed on each dim figured word,

And God called men He love most-the Men of Desire.


Oh then wish more for God, burn more with desire,

Covet more the dear sight of his marvelous Face;

Pray louder, pray longer, for the sweet gift of fire

To come down on they heart with its whirlwinds of grace.


Yes, pine for they God, fainting soul! ever pine;

Oh languish mid all that life brings thee of mirth;

Famished, thirsty, and restless, -let such life be thine,-

For what sight is to haven, desire is to earth.


God loves to be longed for, He loves to be sought,

For He sought us Himself with such longing and love:

He died for desire of us, marvelous thought!

And He yearns for us now to be with Him above.


-Frederick William Faber, 1814-1863

Well… we named her! Her name is Penelope-we will call her Penny. My little Logan looks at her and calls her “moneys”-that cuteness clinched the name for me!

Mrs. Bultitude is having an adjustment time-she is not the biggest animal on the farm any longer! Penny pushes her out of her grain pile (as if a Newf needs grain anyway) and kicked once when she got into her personal space. Watching a very small cow and a very large dog jockey for “lead mare” position kills me!

Another funny?  The people who sold her to us said she loves alfalfa cubes as a treat–I gave her some “calf manna” pellets (these have molasses and anise and smell good enough for ME to eat) after the manna she refuses the alfalfa cubes!–spits em out with a toss of her pretty little head!  Our cow is a Diva!!

OK–I know this is interesting only to me but I am just so tickled to finally have a cow I have to share! It has been a long circuitous route to get here and we are all the better for it–praise HIM from whom all blessings flow!

The beefy hunk o manliness on the right is my hubby, Scott-the head Dandelion–The voluptuous, bovine beauty in blue on the left is our new cow!! (or is it the other way around? do photos get reversed when you post em? the negatives do don’t they? my L & R don’t always match up with other peoples….hhmm… you figure it out!

Our 2 cows arrived today from IA-they are Dexters-a small homestead breed from Ireland.  The second cow had some “issues” with uumm shall we say docility?? so she did not stay (I think she stuck her tongue out at us on the way down the drive)

Her name is Shome Celli-they call her Gramma–so very much NOT going to work here! “Go milk Gramma”-Throw Gramma some hay”- so we need to name her.  Any suggestions?  I was thinking a Puritan sounding name like Verity or Prudence.  Scott likes Molly.  Any creative suggestions?  NO dairy products or flowers allowed–those are too cliche’ for cow names!

One step closer to producing our own food–milk and beef if her calf is a bull-she will calve and begin giving us milk sometime this summer. (Lord willing creek notwithstanding of course)

I am in with both feet now!! In WHAT yet can’t say!

Leighton, Lincoln, Logan, LeAnder(in back) and Mrs. Bultitude (A.K.A. “I don’t want the head-end-she wul yik me!”)

Mrs. B. is 3 pounds heavier than the 3 biggest boys in the picture combined!!

Logan loves his “bownbunny” (both a name and a description -he’s very thrifty with words!)

“You see, ladies, your fresh foods stay fresher when kept in these lovely and reusable containers. There are also some lovely hostess gifts for anyone wanting to experience the joys of a pile-o-plastic-party herself!”

Whoooo–Ok–I have a theory on this movement that I would like to share with you. First let me loosely define who I am talking about. I am talking about those “believers” who call themselves emergent. They say they have emerged from the church to…well i can’t really find a to anything-the out part is their focus. They are not bound by any stogy old ideas of behaviour etc like those in any of the established churches (any at all). I was going to put links in here to show you what I mean but they are just too ooogy for my blog. You will have to “do the google” yourself–they write things like “how to embrace your inner potty mouth”–they take a nothing is unlawful kind of line and joke about saying the f word to Gramma and then telling her it’s OK because they are emergent. Somehow they can take every law and standard from the Lord and pitch it out the window -say they are worshiping the same God who wrote them all AND call people within the church who follow these things hypocritical! There you go–the dummed-down-for-dandelionmom version of the emergent church. Now for my theory…

I think this entire movement is a case of satire gone horribly awry. I posit that at some point in the past a very good writer decided to do a satire on christian liberty-taking our natural liberties and extending them to the nth degree in order to make a point of how ridiculous that position is. He was unfortunately much too good at his task. Readers who were well informed laughed and some said ouch and rethought their own lives. Other writers jumped on the bandwagon and copied his idea-taking it further. A few years later less informed readers took it seriously! They also wrote more and extended the thought lines even further-but meaning it! Soon a man with a lot of followers picked up on it–his dramatic personality combined with teachings that allow-nay encourage sin gave birth to a movement and VIOLA the emergent church was born.

How can I possibly be wrong on this theory? How else can someone claim to be worshiping GOD and doing the opposite of what His word calls for at the same time? To spit on His commandments and claim He likes it when they do is pure lunacy!

Those of you inside this movement please step back and look at it for what it is–sin in a fun package. Question everything your “church” tells you–check it up in a Bible.  Be deceived no longer.  The Lord our God is ONE-beg His forgiveness and do not invoke His ire!

ready for a laugh??

Do any of you HATE those goofy shoes with the wheels in the heels as much as I do?? They turn every child wearing them into one of two things. Either a walking, wheeling, live-action video game zooming at your cart etc in the store and turning past at the last moment. Or they become a squeeling mess oh so very carefully nearly falling every time someone they think worthy of their little drama is close enough to appreciate exactly how cute they are. (insert GAG here)

If you are on board with me then I say Mom’s unite!! This is a call to action-I have a plan to rid us of this menace–it is a simple and devious plan. I know it will work because it does NOT require those weaker members of our group to tell their little darlings “no”–not at all!! The demons-on-wheels will stop on their own-of their own accord and in unison!! I told you it is devious…ready?…you with me??

Every mom among us and as many Grandmas as we can possibly recruit must buy HERSELF a pair!! Wait! trust me here….Put them on and practice in your basement or kitchen or wherever when little Jr is not looking. Now to put our plan into action–put on your least cool-“mommest” outfit (preferably with one of those buttons advertising your child’s picture in their latest sports uniform prominently displayed) and go to the mall!! then the grocery store and don’t forget Wal-mart!! It will be easy to zip and zoom with confidence while loading up your diapers and milk jugs all the while holding the cart handle!! Get Granny and her walker out there in the mall-walking program in her new wheelies!

I figure it will take us less than 1 month to make those things so uncool no self-respecting show-off would be caught dead in them!! Nothing reminds you how stupid you really look more than seeing your parents do the same thing!

Are you with me sisters? Arise I say and get those size nines in line to TAKE BACK OUR WAL-MARTS!, OUR MALLS!, OUR PARKS!–Step up–hold on–and take action!! We may have some casualties in this battle but what is a sprained ankle or a bruised ego compared to the big picture here? Step up! join the fight and buy some shoes woman!! I am right behind you!

HEY LOOK everybody!! A new feature that I am sure I will be adding to on a regular basis!! This will be an accounting of those things that a sane person would never even consider dealing with unless you are a mom!!! Things that are disgusting at the moment and laughable after (much (much much) after).

Todays entry from the eeeeyuuuuw file —A.K.A Reason number 1 to “mommy-up”:

Early this Am-snuggled into my waaarm waterbed with Logan teddy-beared in beside me (4:00 to be precise)-He throws up–I mean UP–into the air above us!–It was like a gravity demo from an old road-runner cartoon. Projectile vomit up/hot bilous horror down. By down I mean on my chest, neck, hair, favorite pillow and… well you get the idea! Dandelionmom may be getting old but she can still moooove when she needs to! Unfortunately part of the sheet was around my ankle-more cartoon antics and a ripped sheet follow.

Time to “mommy-up”! First whip off the shirt and wipe the worst off both of us and dump it n the bed-now a robe and the baby–who knew so MUCH could come out of a 2 year old?– Poor Logan is all eyeballs-he just woke up in a scary and icky way AND watched his mommy behaving …ummm …shall we say erratically? To the bathroom-fast of course! shirt off “do you need to throw up again?” undershirt off “are you sure??” cool washcloth “is your tummy ALL done?” pj pants and diaper “do you maybe need to spit?” “anything?” more cool cloth, warm jammies and interspertions of offers to hold him over the potty for what reason he cannot in the slightest fathom. Now nest him in a blanket on the rug in the bathroom and turn up the space heater a bit–NOW for the rest! Wash myself and hair (HOT water) then get the worst off the bed and put everything into the machine on hot with extra soak. Maybe I can throw a blanket over the mattress and sleep a bit more before…. Wee Anner wakes!!! Ok-I am up for the day! Should “trench in” for a siege of stomach flu anyway. Mommy in the trenches (armed with jello and Coke) signing off until the next installment from the eeeeyuuuuw! files!